As hard as it is to imagine, we are already thinking about Back-To-School. After all, many of our East Texas school districts will start the new academic year in less than a month. If you're curious about when your district starts, we've got a list you can check out here.

After last year, many an East Texan's budget is extra tight. And so, any where we can save a few extra bucks is most welcome and helpful.

At the same time, one of the most fun parts of Back-To-School is shopping for clothes! Although in full disclosure, I've never adored shopping for clothes. I spent quite a few afternoons as a tween weeping in fitting rooms with my poor, patient mother doing her best to console me. (I was a sensitive child, you see.) 

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But for MOST people (lol), shopping for clothes is something they do in fact look forward to as the upcoming school year looms on the horizon.

And there's no reason that you can't find some awesome new duds to wear for the new school year at reasonable prices--at least not here in East Texas. We've got so many great options from which to choose.

From the very recently opened Upscale Cheapskate that has so many raving, to the clearance racks at Loft Outlet and Dillard's, to the trusty standbys for cute, affordable clothing, you have lots of fun options to choose from.

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There's no reason you can't find some awesome new duds at reasonable prices--at least not here in East Texas. 

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