Summer may not have officially started in El Paso but the summer temps are getting a jump on things.

Summer begins June 20th but triple digit temperatures hit El Paso starting later this week. 103 degrees this Wednesday Wednesday and temps won't be back under 100 degrees until Sunday. The following week, over 100 and holding.

That A/C is going to get a workout this year. Last year was the hottest summer on record and there's over a 60% chance that temps this summer will break last summers records. Best, (coolest), case scenario? We'll only tie last years insane temps.

The Farmers' Almanac, which has been found to be accurate 80-85% of the time, predicts Texas "will see sizzling temperatures" this summer.

"Hold on to your umbrellas … and tune up your a/c," the almanac says. "Summer is coming early this year, and it may bring the hottest temperatures in recorded history!" -

Since you're probably not going to be turning your air conditioner off again until mid - December, here's what you should set your thermostat to for optimum comfort and savings. Electricity ain't cheap you know ...

What Should I Set My Thermostat To In Order To Save Money?

It seems 78 degrees is the bullseye for staying cool and saving as much money as you can. To save a few more bucks, raise it to 82 while you're away. FYI, 78 degrees works for dogs and cats too ... they like it between 75 and 78 degrees.

For other tips on keeping your house cooler, watch this ...

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