You'll probably be seeing more of a new map along with colors during the weather segment of your local news.

Texans in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio are accustomed to the summer's heat and humidity. In fact, these three Texas cities are among the hottest in the nation according to Accuweather.

For the most part, Texas and East Texas have been spared from the oppressive heat and humidity that often comes during summer, but we know there's lots more summer to come and we'll be living through our fair share of heat and humidity.

Parts of the US are currently living under a heat dome and experiencing feels like temps into the 100-110 degree range, something Texans know all too well.

When temperatures get that high it is dangerous and unhealthy to be outdoors for a lot of people. Landscapers, construction workers, inspectors, a/c technicians, auto mechanics, and other trade workers are affected by this unrelenting heat. Even high school students are affected, like those in baseball, and then there's football and marching band practice that begins in August for the fall.

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In 2023, 334 Texans lost their lives to heat-related illnesses as the average summer temperature was the second highest in the last 20 years. (Texas Tribune) When it's extremely hot and humid we have to take precautions and pay attention to what our bodies are telling us.

Introducing the new HEAT RISK Map

The Heat Risk Map is created by NOAA and the National Weather Service (NWS) and identifies potential heat risks across the US. This new tool, issued in May, is an experimental color-numeric-based index that provides a forecast risk of heat-related impacts to occur over a 24-hour period. HeatRisk takes into consideration:

  • How unusual the heat is for the time of the year
  • The duration of the heat including both daytime and nighttime temperatures
  • If those temperatures pose an elevated risk of heat-related impacts based on data from the CDC

This index is supplementary to official NWS heat products and is meant to provide risk guidance for those decision makers and heat-sensitive populations who need to take actions at levels that may be below current NWS heat product levels. (NWS)

Take A Look At What The Colors On The Map Mean

National Weather Service
National Weather Service
National Weather Service
National Weather Service

So when you see the red and magenta colors on the map over East Texas, you'll want to limit your outdoor time. Or if you do have to work outdoors make sure you wear light loose clothing, sunscreen, seek shade, take breaks often, and stay hydrated. You want to sweat, when you stop sweating that's when you and your body could be in trouble.

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