Living in Texas it's something you hear quite often in the summertime, 'It's really hot'.

Depending upon which part of Texas you live in it could truly be the heat, but in many parts, it's a mixture of the heat and humidity that make it so unbearable. Now if you're living in Nevada or Arizona when people say it's hot, it's usually followed with, 'Yeah, but it's a dry heat'.

I'm sorry, but a dry heat or humidity-induced heat is hot no matter what! It's all unbearable and uncomfortable.

Living in these areas of the country residents have to accept the fact that it is going to be hot during the summer months. It's not just Texas or the desert southwest that experiences extreme heat during the summer, heat is experienced in US cities from the Atlantic Ocean to the southern border to out west.

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In addition to accepting the heat residents also have to accept the fact that their energy bill is going to be more too.

A recent term that many living in the southwest and south are hearing more of is ... heat dome.

A heat dome happens when high pressure sits over a region and acts like a lid on the atmosphere. While warm air tries to escape the high-pressure dome forces it back down to the earth. With little or no variation in temperature, the hot air becomes trapped and is not replaced by cooler air, which usually happens. Often times a heat wave results thanks to this phenomenon. The good news is that they don't last forever, heat domes will move and retrograde but eventually, it will dissipate.


With this heat talk and the fact that we're in the middle of summer, Accuweather took a look at the US cities with more than 250,000 residents and has named these the 10 hottest cities in the US.

Texas Has 3 Of The Top 10 Hottest Cities In The US

These are the 10 hottest cities, with populations greater than 250,000, in the US according to Accuweather.

Gallery Credit: Accuweather

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