'Tis that time of season, scammers are on the prowl.

As the holidays approach and all the way through tax season, scammers will do whatever they can to get to you and your finances. Whether through intimidation or pulling at your heart for charity, scammers will use every trick they know of so that fall victim to their practices.

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Big Al is always looking out for his mom. While talking to her he found out she got a rather strange phone call that could have ended badly for her. The elaborate story was pretty believable because it starred one of Big Al's sons getting into a traffic accident and being arrested while in the hospital because his blood alcohol level was above the legal limit. Along with another phone call from an 'attorney' who requested money. As the story builds and Big Al's mom, Dorabelle, tells him what's going on, the story itself sounds pretty believable.

Give this video a watch and listen to Big Al - check in with your parents and loved ones, especially those that are a little older or need more assistance than others and make sure they aren't falling for scam phone calls asking for bail money. Remind them to be alert and to never send or give cash to someone they don't know, especially over the phone. If they do want to help out, ask them to hang up and then call back that relative on a phone number they know to verify the information.

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