If You Receive A Letter Like This In Mail, Just Go Right On Ahead And Throw It Away!

We're just a couple of weeks into the New Year and the scammers are out and about again trying to find new and creative ways to take your money.

This one preys on people who want to help support Law Enforcement officers. The scammers are not going to call you on this one, their using the mail to try to pull off this scam.

The Kilgore Texas Police Department Posted Details About The Possible Scam.

Residents in Kilgore have been receiving letters from something that calls themselves "the Kilgore Area Police And Officers Nationwide".

Sound like an "official" organization but there's one problem: They don't exist in Kilgore.... or Texas for that matter.

 According to Police, The Letters Are From A Virginia Based Company.

Kilgore Police Department Facebook
Kilgore Police Department Facebook

The letter inside asks for donations and a "Declaration of Support For Kilgore Area Police" and asks that you make the check of your donation out to "Citizens Behind The Badge" in Merrifield, Virginia.

According to the Facebook post by Kilgore police, the  "citizens behind the badge" organization "doesn't provide one penny of support to KPD or surrounding agencies."

In Reality, They Are Just Another "Non-Profit" That Doesn't Really Share Where Their Money Goes.

We went to their website where Citizens Behind the Badge lists itself as a nonprofit 501(c)(4) tax-exempt organization based in McLean, Virginia. It was founded by Craig W. Floyd, Founding CEO Emeritus of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.

Despite tax paperwork that shows that they pulled in over $3 Million in "donations", you won't find a single "police department" or law enforcement agency listed that has received money.

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