With rising COVID cases all across the country and hospitalizations growing in East Texas, many big name retail stores are reinstating mask policies for employees and customers.

According to KVIA, the news comes as the CDC recommends that fully vaccinated people should wear masks indoors in areas with substantial Covid-19 transmission which as of right now, two-thirds of all counties in America fall under that designation.

Despite Governor Greg Abbott's proclamation that he won't enforce mask mandates, this DOES NOT APPLY to PRIVATE businesses. Let me remind you that a PRIVATE BUSINESS can enforce a mask policy and refuse you service if you don't want to abide by their policy.

Most of these retailers are requiring masks for employees but they are merely RECOMMENDING that customers wear their masks indoors especially if you are unvaccinated. Here's the retailers that we know of that are putting these policies back in place.


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Walmart is asking shoppers to wear masks inside stores in counties deemed at high risk, but not requiring it. Walmart will also post signs to remind customers about the CDC’s revised guidance and encourage them to wear masks.


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Target says that they will require masks for workers and recommend masks for all customers in areas with substantial or high risk of transmission.


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Home Depot is requiring all workers to wear masks in all stores, regardless of vaccination status or the transmission risks of the area. They also will provide masks to customers upon entry to their stores if customers don't have one.


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Customers and staff inside restaurants in areas with high or substantial transmission will be required to wear a mask, regardless of vaccination status. They went on to add that masks have already been required for staff and customers who are not vaccinated.


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Starbucks recommends customers wear facial coverings, regardless of vaccination status and employees are also required to wear masks on their shift.


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