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When it comes to buying a house (or a lot for a house) there are very few words that raise eyebrows and prices like "lakefront property."  Who hasn't had the dream of walking out the back door to be greeted by a gorgeous lake view?  I know I'd love that, but price is definitely the biggest reason I am landlocked.

Just imagine for a moment that money was no object - would you live on the lake then?  Of course you would, but I'd like to dream a little bigger right now.

The grand-daddy of all lakefront properties

A brand-new listing on Fairfield Lake by the ranch real estate experts at the Hortenstine Ranch Company has hit the market in Texas that will make everything else with a little water on the property look like a shack next to a puddle!  On top of that, it has to be the biggest lakefront lot I ever heard of - because it's the whole dang lake!  That's right, you could be Texas' next great lake baron!

What you'll get for your money

It's a bargain when you look at what you get!  Included in the sprawling 5,000+ acre spread are entire estimated 2,400-acre body of water, paved roads, multiple boat launches, a hardwood forest, and more!  We're talking more than 21 miles of pristine undeveloped and elevated shoreline just ripe for the picking!  That means you could make tons of money selling just a tiny chunk of your property to developers looking to build a swanky (and expensive) subdivision on your lake.

How much it will cost you

This is a pretty big number, so get ready.  To become the latest member of the Texas Lake Owners Club, you'll just need to shell out $110 million.  I'm not sure if you could negotiate the price down, but it's a sure bet you'll still be spending somewhere north of $100 million.  But, it sure would be nice to have the whole lake to yourself.

Before you throw your lake ownership dreams to the side, just take a look at what could be yours!

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