You drive by those blue Texas highway signs telling you which restaurants are nearby all the time. Here's how those restaurants got there.

When you're in your hometown or a town you know well, those things are almost invisible because it's info you already know. When you're in an unfamiliar area though, and you're hungry, they come in pretty handy.

Some restaurants have signs you can see from the highway and some don't which makes those blue signs helpful. They don't tell you everything though.

You've probably done this before ... you're hungry and, being a true Texan, you want a Whataburger. Being in a strange area, you're watching those blue signs for one but no luck. So, you give up and exit where the sign says there's a Burger King and BAM, halfway there, you see a Whataburger. Why was the sign holding out on you?

That's because not every restaurant wants to be on those blue signs. Well, correction, they probably ALL want to be listed but there's a process and not everyone goes for it.

Why Aren't All Nearby Restaurants Listed On The Blue Texas Highway Signs?

The short answer is, $$$ - they cost from $900 to $3,250 annually. Licensing and permit fees may also apply. Those are just a couple of things restaurants have to consider.

Commercial signs along Texas highways are regulated by the Texas Department of Transportation.  All signage is subject to a number of federal laws and regulations that are published in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.  - source =

What Are The Requirements For A Restaurant To Be On One Of Those Blue Signs?

On top of their hours, (business must operate 6 days in a row each week), and fees; what amenities they offer plays into this. So does the distance between the highway and the restaurant. Other restaurants may compete for, (and win), a spot too. TxDOT handles applications and enforces all the rules through their Right of Way Division.

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