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If you thought swarms of wintering birds in the Crossroads were bad, you've got to check out this video of THESE feathered beasts swarming this parking lot in Frisco!

Migrating birds in Texas know the best places to land (sadly they have no care where their poop lands) which is why most Texans cringe in winter as thousands of birds swarm Texas parking lots all at once on their migration journey.

attachment-Screenshot 2023-01-18 111835

Why parking lots you might be wondering?

Sure the occasional Texan might purposefully drop a few crumbs out of their car for these migrating birds, maybe a kid dropped a bite of popcorn on their way to their car seat but what about all the bugs on your grill? Yep, these feathered beasts eat the dead bugs right off your car's grill too. 


Everybody likes their meat "grilled" in Texas, right? Even the birds!

grilling steaks on flaming grill and shot with selective focus

Are ALL these black birds crows?

Sure there is an infusion of several species of birds in the parking lot but the majority of the birds you see here are grackles. Ewww... grackles just sound yucky right?

Well, they are often called the "Devil Birds" in Texas for a reason!

attachment-Screenshot 2023-01-18 112524


Texans call this yearly insane swarm of migrating birds funny names like " Grackle Attackle," or how about "Grackles, The National Bird of Texas" either way, these insane swarms scare the hello out of a lot of people in and out of the great state!

Shout out to ABC News for their coverage of grackles over the years on Youtube and Facebook.


Straight out of a horror movie right?

Just like a scene out of Alfred Hitchcock's famous "Birds" lots of Texans and outsiders freak out with all of the crackles in our parking lots!

Can we all agree in the Crossroads that grackles, love bugs and CRICKETS are part of the Three Plagues of Victoria? 

attachment-Screenshot 2023-01-18 114629

You can check out the Three Plagues of Victoria in the button link below.

Just for fun... here is the SNL version of the movie The Birds on Youtube.

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