A week ago East Texans were camping outside of the big box retailers trying to get their hands on the best deals for Black Friday.  They were looking to save money on electronics, toys and more and to do that many had to wait in long lines to get the savings, but imagine if you in a Black Friday line at a 99 cents store!

It's actually a funny idea.  Now the store didn't really have a Black Friday Sale scheduled, actually the owner had no idea what was going on.  Upon arriving to open his store Friday morning their was a line stretching around the block and he believed it was for the Rite Aid down the block and had no idea it was for his store!  There were people camping out in tents, sleeping bags and they even had a TV reporter on the scene too.  It's all a stunt that was orchestrated by the group ImprovEverywhere.  The group assembled near the store, were given directions on what to do and what results is pretty funny and surprising.

It's similar to what the City Of Tyler Main Street Department has done a couple of times this year with the cash mob.  Where a group of people assemble and spend their money on a local mom and pop business.