We all know that the day after tomorrow will be a hectic day. Black Friday will be full of car horns honking, tempers flaring, and general chaos. The traffic will not just plague the streets, but the aisles of the stores filled with mayhem and anger. What could happen if this situation gets out of control?What would you do if you found yourself caught in a stampede, people getting trampled, or soccer moms getting into fist fights over PlayStation games? The fear takes your heart on a super speed roller coaster of terror. The masses are all around you and unpredictable. There is no where to go and no where to escape. The sounds get louder and louder until you feel like falling to the floor in the fetal position to wait this horror out.

All of this for a few bucks off of something you don't need. Do you still want that TV if it means you might come to bodily harm? Is that holiday gift set worth waiting overnight outside and hours in line with people pushing and shoving you? Christmas will be hard to celebrate on crutches because of a Walmart brawl.

I have only entered the battle field of Black Friday once. I did not want to go, but my friend needed reinforcements. I was scared just going through the parking lot, but we made our way through the crowd into a Walmart I had never experienced before. It seemed like the walls might come crashing down because of the vibrations of all of the rushing feet and loud voices screaming out like bratty children, "I want it. It's mine!" Elderly women hit me with their shopping carts for not moving fast enough. Yes, plural elderly women. Aren't these the women I am normally trying to stay composed and polite to when they drive there carts through the middle of the aisles every other day but this one? Now I am moving too slow for YOU?

I was confused by the scene. The room seemed to be spinning. Everything was out of control. This is the atmosphere before a riot begins.

I left the store glad I made it out with only minor scratches and bruises.

I wondered, what would be the straw that broke the camel's back? What would be the catalyst that ignites a full on berserk rampage?

We have all heard about the poor trampled people from past Black Fridays. It is a terrible thing that they died because someone else thought they deserved to buy a toy more than a person deserved to live. These are the animalistic acts of people in war and desperate situations. Our corporate Christmas has turned into a scene moments away from gun fire and looting.

What will the police do when they are over powered by a horde of infuriated shoppers? Will the army or national guard have to drop in from helicopters over the parking lot of Best Buy? Swat teams will guard the corners of the mall in all black waiting for the throngs of irrational spenders to besiege them. Tear gas, shields, yelling, and fists will fly if just one component of these Black Fridays goes not according to plan.

National Geographic photographers will book the next flight in to see the wreckage at the Starbucks on the corner of Paluxy and the Loop when the masses crash into the coffee shop for their Pumpkin Spice Lattes. There will be people clothed in tattered rags hugging their coffee mugs surrounded by the crumpled metal of SUVs that let road rage get the best of them. The scenes around shopping centers, restaurants, and Starbucks will be similar to those seen in the aftermath of guerilla warrior raids.

Will we be ready for this? These are extreme exaggerations of what could happen, but they COULD happen. It seems the neat and tidy world we live in that allows us these crazed shopping excursions hangs on a tiny thread of human containment. When that first person rises against the norm of waiting your turn, it could all fall and create this wasteland of credit card induced war zones.

So what would you do? If the Black Friday chaos got out of control, where would you be and what would you be doing?