Some kids come in to the world kicking and screaming but that's not how Blake's story began.

Doctors were immediately concerned after Blake was born because she was not crying. Doctors eventually got her to cry and her parents, Siobhan and Charles were excited. Blake's journey was rough the first few months because she had to be hospitalized for several bladder infections. After going through a barrage of tests, it was a genetic test that discovered she has EBF3-HADDS. This is newly discovered genetic disorder that is rare and only affects about 200 people worldwide.

Blake has difficulty with balance, coordination, decreased mobility and speech delays but that hasn't stopped her from communicating though because she is learning sign language which has aided her in making strides in her development and communication.

Being very independent, Blake will not let anything stop her from making new discoveries and loves playing with her big sister Logan.

Blake and her family utilizes the services from the Christus Mother Frances Special Needs Clinic to coordinate her extensive doctor and therapy appointments along with the Respite Care program that are both supported by the Children's Miracle Network.

You can help make a difference in Blake's life, as well as the lives of other East Texas children by making a call to 903.5

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