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When you're going about your day, you're probably not thinking about the available blood supply in East Texas, in fact, you probably never really think about it all. However, you should be thinking about it because it could end up saving your life or the life of one of your family members.

Carter BloodCare
Carter BloodCare

At this time, the blood supply that is currently available to East, Central and North Texas is at a critically low level. Critically low levels means there is less than a day's worth of blood available to patients whose lives could be in jeopardy. Blood is used every day for transfusions and surgeries within the hospital. If you are ever in any kind of accident and rushed to the ER, you will need blood. If there were some kind of natural disaster that caused multiple severe injuries, people will need blood.

Which blood types are needed the most?

Carter BloodCare is our regional blood bank here in East Texas and they are reporting there is a CRITICAL NEED for the following blood types:

  • O+
  • O-
  • A-
  • B+
  • B-
  • Platelets

There is an URGENT NEED for the following blood types:

  • A+
  • AB-

The AB+ blood supply is currently at a stable level.

How can you donate and help increase the blood supply?

Carter BloodCare makes it easy for you to be a blood donor. Just click this link and when you answer a few quick questions about your location you will be directed to the nearest blood bank or mobile donation site to donate blood.

When you give blood you could be saving your own life or the life of another East Texan with your donation.

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