Yet another "grim result" of this past week's winter weather: The community blood supply is dangerously low. 

Yesterday, Carter BloodCare released a statement urgently asking our East Texas communities to plan to give blood as soon as possible. Many centers re-opened yesterday.

Thankfully, hospitals were collaborating with Carter BloodCare in conserving the blood supply by implementing "blood management protocols" and by sharing their "life-saving blood supplies with facilities treating the medically urgent patients.

On top of a year of high usage due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this past week of extreme winter weather took an unbelievable toll on our East Texas blood supply.

"We are uncertain how many donation locations we can open on Thursday, but we urge people to visit our website where we will post the most updated information," said Veronica Moore, vice president of organizational relations.

"Nationwide, the blood supply is crippled. We have struggled daily to meet hospital demands for patients throughout the pandemic, but the effects of this winter storm amplify an already insufficient supply."

Carter BloodCare's site confirms that as of today, "many locations are resuming normal operations with select donor centers operating with adjusted hours or closed."

If you are able to donate, please visit to check our local centers' availability and to make an appointment as soon as you're able. If you'd prefer, you can even text 800-366-2834 to set your appointment. Walk-in's are welcome.

The donation you make today could save someone's life tomorrow. 

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