People all over East Texas are patiently awaiting the official announcement of a new Blue Bell Ice Cream Flavor today--AND apparently, we may start seeing it on our grocery store shelves in Longview and Tyler, Texas as soon as tomorrow.

For Texans, Blue Bell Ice Cream is a delicious ICON. In fact, people all over the country love Blue Bell. I've heard friends from other places lament over the fact that they can't get it wherever it is they happen to reside. (Sadly for them, NOT in Texas.)

I'm not sure I've ever tried an ice cream flavor from Blue Bell that I haven't enjoyed, if not LOVED. And frankly, if the rumors turn out to be true, I'm sure many of us will feel the same about this one.

The only thing better than yummy ice cream from an iconic Brenham, Texas-based icon could be when they join forces with ANOTHER Texas icon: Dr. Pepper.

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Granted, at least at the time of this writing, we haven't received official confirmation regarding the new Blue Bell ice cream flavor, based on the teases Blue Bell has been sharing on their Facebook page, it looks like it will be some kind of delicious Dr. Pepper-infused concoction. Some are saying it will be 'Dr. Pepper Float.' OMG.

Yeah, just the video they shared on their page seems almost like a confirmation. I mean, take a look:

While we patiently await the official confirmation of the new Blue Bell ice cream flavor, tell us: Does Dr. Pepper Float appeal to you? What's your all-time favorite flavor? Let us know in the comments or at

Need some help deciding? This oughta help:

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