In a statement released today by the Chief Restructuring Officer, the Board of Trustees and their Consulting Advisors have determined it is in the best interest of Lon Morris College to enter into a transaction or agreement with another educational institution.

Dawn Ragan, the Chief Restructuring Officer for Lon Morris, said ” Discussions with multiple entities are ongoing, and an initial agreement is expected this summer.  A modified academic program that will continue compliance with the SACS accreditation policies is currently being developed for the upcoming academic year.  Athletic programs are expected to be eliminated.  Students will be notified of applicable options available to them.   The College is continuing to work on its financial restructuring efforts, and continues to receive strong support from its faculty and employees, the community,  alumni, the Texas Annual Conference of the Methodist Church, and its creditors.   We are hopeful that the community and future students will benefit from our efforts to achieve the best outcome for Lon Morris, but recognize that near-term disruptions are inconvenient and inevitable.”

The college located in Jacksonville has been plagued with financial problems for the past year and school officials recently were forced to shut down summer classes and staff members were terminated, at least temporarily.

The President of Lon Morris College, Dr. Miles McCall resigned in May.