All of us here in the state of Texas get sick. Sometimes it's a simple cold, or perhaps a broken bone. Regardless of whatever the health issue is, it might require us to go to a doctor.

However, we can all admit it, it is somewhat scary to go to the doctor isn't it? You don't know what your sickness or if the pain you feel is more drastic than expected. But in the end, you're comforted by the fact you'll be better soon right?

Well in Texas, recent data might make the individuals worried about going to doctor a little more unnerved.

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Texas Healthcare Recently Ranked Poorly

To find out where Texas ranked in the nation for health care, we turn to WalletHub to discover where the Lone Star State landed. So it's time to enter into operation room to find out the factors that led to the ranking.

Wallethub's 3 factors are simple: cost, access, and outcomes. In each of those categories, Texas landed at 48th in cost, 49th in access, and 35th in outcomes. To say the least, those number aren't the best and don't make us feel good in regards to the final ranking for the state.

So, it's time for the final diagnosis of healthcare ranking in Texas. Where did the state land? 45th in the nation.

Truly heartbreaking for the system itself here in the state. Hopefully, this will serve as a wake up call in the Lone Star State, so we can make improvements.

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