Over the years I have had the privilege to live in a handful of other states, but none compare to living in the great state of Texas. There is so much to love about living in East Texas and specifically in Tyler, Texas. There is so much natural beauty here, there are lots of fantastic restaurants, and normally you can find something fun to do outside (weather permitting). 

But as I started thinking about other businesses and restaurants I would love to see open up in Tyler, there are quite a few that could make our community even better. Some of the restaurants and businesses listed below are ones that we have all discussed but others that I would love to have open up personally. It’s always fun to dream about our favorite businesses opening a location close to where we live. 

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We All Want Similar Things to Open in Tyler, Texas 

It seems like every few months the topic is brought up as far as what businesses we would like to see open up here. And every single time people mention more things to do, which is why there are multiple ideas listed below that have to do with doing things or having fun.  

Hopefully We See At Least One of These Businesses Open Soon 

We have all heard the rumors of Costco being built on South Broadway, fingers crossed that actually happens. But here is a look at other restaurants or businesses we would love to see open in Tyler, Texas in 2023: 

Businesses We Want to See in Tyler, Texas

Here are some businesses and restaurants we would love to see in Tyler, TX in 2023:

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