Beginning May 18, Texas is opening all its state parks back up again for overnight camping, but there will be a few limitations:

  • Face Masks are strongly encouraged (not required)
  • No new reservations until further notice, but bookings will open up soon
  • Day trips to Texas state parks are allowed, but no overnight camping without a prior reservation.
  • No groups of five people or more in one group are allowed for day trips (except if your group lives within the same household)

The Palestine Herald-Press reports no new reservations are being accepted at this time, but if you have a previous one, your booking will be honored.

If you want to make a day trip out of a visit to any one of the state parks, visit this link to Texas State Parks for more information. I am looking forward to a future time when I will be able to take my young daughter Willow to the state park over at Martin Creek Lake or maybe we'll venture out to Caddo Lake state park!

To view a map of all the state parks in East Texas and, well, the whole dang state, click here.

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