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Taste the rainbow! The slogan for Skittles candy. Skittles candy that is sold in California is about to go through a change thanks to state lawmakers. The question becomes whether will Texas follow California's lead with their new law, dubbed the 'Skittles Ban', and enact a similar law here in Texas.

While Skittles will still be sold in California and the taste will remain the same, the ingredients used to make the red Skittles in particular will be changing.

The state of California recently passed a law requiring products, like Skittles, that use Red Dye No. 3 or one of three other commonly used chemicals not approved by the FDA, will be banned in the production of candy and other foods sold in the state by the year 2027.

More than 12,000 food products use at least one of these soon-to-be-banned chemicals.

Is this an example of government overreach or government protecting the health of its citizens? Consumer Reports says the four chemicals that are being banned are:

  • brominated vegetable oil
  • potassium bromate
  • propyl paraben
  • Red Dye No. 3

The use of these chemicals could lead to hyperactivity, nervous system damage, and an increased risk of cancer. These additives have already been banned in Europe with the exception of the use of Red Dye No. 3 in candied cherries.  Learn more about California's new law at USA Today.

With California creating this ban on these additives to candy, cereal, and other foods, do you believe the rest of the states, including Texas, will follow suit and ban them in foods? Or will food and candy companies comply with California's new law and simply change their manufacturing process so that all of their products are the same across the nation?

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