News of two Houston gas stations duking it out for patronage has reached the rest of Texas, and we want in!

According to multiple news outlets including KHOU, there is a gas price war going on in Houston between two neighboring gas stations - and the winner of this? Consumers! On Sunday, Johnny Quick was offering 78 cents per gallon and Texaco across the street dropped its prices to 79 cents.

Yes, this results in longer waits to pump your gas - 20 minutes according to Big Country Homepage, but the end result? It took 11 bucks to fill up most people's cars. Can you remember the last time all it took as $11? I can't.

So I'm going to call out our local gas stations in East Texas. Win over your customers during these trying times.

On Wave3 News - an affiliate of KTRK and CNN a man was quoted:

If it's a gas war going on, I hope it's a trend that goes around the city. We definitely need it in these times. Y'all know what I'm talking about.


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