Having two little kitties of my own at home, I enjoy the cuddling that comes with pet ownership. The pet hair everywhere - not so much. Can you imagine the extreme of having a big cat as a house pet?

Cruising through twitter earlier, I discovered one Texas family had a pet lion in 1953. There are no reported incidents from Blondie's time with them. I'm not suggesting this is a good idea.


In fact, actress Melanie Griffith grew up with a lion in her family home, before her mother founded a conservation ranch for the cats, the Shambala Reserve. Can you imagine showing up at her house and begin greeted by a lion? Griffith said, "My mother always said that after all the boys I dated, I'd end up with the one who could be with cats."

Animal Rights activists frown upon exotic pet ownership for many reasons. Recently Justin Bieber was under fire for sharing a photo on instagram of him petting a chained tiger at party hosted by his father.

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