I make little grocery lists for myself all the time on scratches of paper lying around the house.

Sometimes, I misspell a word or two, but because my mamma made sure I was an expert in spelling, it is seldom that I tangle up a word. I was a 3rd and 4th-grade Spelling Bee champ in my elementary school. I loved crushing everybody else in the class when it came to spelling those crazy primary school words like, "consistent" and "bewildering". Man, I tell ya, the kids in my class hated my guts and called me all kinds of mean names including "smarty pants", but that was just because they were all so jealous that I was pretty dang good at it. (At least, that's what I told myself to keep from crying in the classroom.)

That is why I cringed my a** off when I saw this list of groceries that somebody wrote and then posted on social media. It was first posted to Reddit but got removed. The list landed its way to the I Love Texas page on Facebook and, well, it looks like I wasn't the only one who nearly lost a gasket at all the misspellings. The funny thing is, it is rather easy to see what each item is supposed to be. I guess you have to be from the South to get it?

See if you can gather what this person needs to get from the market:

Groshury List
Stakes (Ribi)
Cone on da kob
Paper Tals
Dish Lickwud
Frozun Piza (Peparony)
Chikun Nudle Supe
Mowntun Du (in da boddel)
Halapino Popperz
Cone Mill
Flower - Yummy Stuff Facebook Group via Lika Tegerashvili

I have come to peace with myself of the thought that huumevr rote thiss groshry lest wuz jiss playn arown.

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