MARSHALL – The Harrison County Sheriff’s office is investigating the death of a two year old girl that occurred Sunday morning. Authorities say the child who was unconscious was brought to the emergency room by her mother around 1:00 AM. Hospital staff were unable to revive the child who would’ve turned three years old February 21. The mother said she found her daughter, Yeli Madalyn Jimenez unconscious on the floor. An autopsy determined the child died of massive blunt trauma.

Investigators interviewed family members, as well as the mother, to determine that the boyfriend of the mother, Jose Luis Casiano-Aburto, a hispanic male, approximately 27 years old, had allegedly struck the child in the abdomen and had previously assaulted the mother. As investigators began to search for the suspect to conduct an interview, it was discovered he had fled to Mexico on Monday afternoon and had gained entry. Within 24 hours of the child’s death a probable cause affidavit was prepared and an arrest warrant for Capital Murder has been issued by the Harrison County District Attorney’s Office. The suspect is an illegal alien from Mexico and the US Marshalls, US Border Patrol Agents, Homeland Security and Mexican authorities have offered assistance to find the suspect and return him to the United States.

Gas Pump Hose

TYLER — Gas Prices in East Texas are rising to a fast start for 2012. The average price of a gallon of gasoline has jumped nearly 12 cents over the past three weeks.

According to the website, the average price for a gallon of regular gas in the Tyler/ Longview area is $3.44 with a few places reporting $3.41. Nationwide, a Lundberg Survey of fuel prices puts the price of a gallon of regular at $3.51. Diesel was up about four cents, at $3.95 a gallon.

Analysts are blaming the increase of gas prices on rising tensions in the Middle East and refineries switching to the more expensive summer grades. Analysts also see gas rising to $4 or more by May.


Judges Gavel

MARSHALL, Texas – A 63-year-old Longview, Texas woman has been sentenced for social security fraud charges in the Eastern District of Texas.

Gaylynne Gale pleaded guilty on July 13, 2011, to theft of government property and was sentenced to 5 years probation and 2 months house arrest by U.S. District Judge Rodney Gilstrap.

According to the indictment, from February 2004 until June 2010, Gale intentionally concealed her living arrangements with her ex-husband in order to receive more than $47,000 from the Social Security Administration in the form of Social Security Supplemental Security Income payments. Her misrepresentation also caused a significant loss to the Texas Medicaid Program. Gale was indicted by a federal grand jury on Sep. 1, 2010.


TYLER – A 56-year-old Avinger, Texas man has pleaded guilty to federal drug violations in Federal District Court in Tyler.

Scott R. Kelly pleaded guilty to possession of pseudoephedrine with the intent to manufacture methamphetamine before U.S. Magistrate Judge Judith K. Guthrie.

According to information presented in court, on Apr. 17, 2010, Kelly purchased cold pills containing pseudoephedrine at a Walgreens store in Longview, Texas, as well as on numerous other occasions at other stores in the area, with the intent to manufacture methamphetamine.

Kelly was indicted by a federal grand jury on Apr. 6, 2011. Kelly faces up to 20 years in federal prison. A sentencing date has not been set.


WEATHERFORD — Prosecutors have begun to present evidence in the trial of a North Texas man accused of torturing a former neighbor with a deer-skinning device. Some investigators testified yesterday they searched Jeffrey Allan Maxwell's home following his arrest. There they allegedly found whips, bloodstained sheets, handcuffs and a chain attached to a bed.


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