Everyone wants to be an exotic cat keeper these days, but it looks like they're all getting the same result- jail time.

According to the Department of Justice, a 65-year-old Canadian with ties to Tiger King series stars, Paul Michael Malagerio, was convicted by a federal jury of unlawful alien in possession of firearms and has been sentenced to serve 28 months in federal prison.

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Malagerio overstayed his visa, and because he no longer was legally residing in the U.S., his right to possess firearms did not exist. Malagerio was located at Whitley Acres Exotic Ranch in Levelland, Texas in November 2020.

Now some of you may remember James Garretson, another exotic cat enthusiast who became an informant for the FBI in their case against Joe Exotic. Not ringing a bell? Just take a look at this photo and it'll all come back.

Screenshot via Youtube
Screenshot via Youtube

Yeah, the guy with the ridiculous jet ski scenes!

Malagerio actually testified that he worked for James Garretson. Honestly, after the Tiger King series, he should've known that Garretson was in good with the Feds and been on his best behavior.

In jailhouse phone calls, Malagerio claimed that Mr. Garretson had reported him to immigration authorities, telling a friend, “see, James [Garretson] is the only one that knows where I am and he threatened to do this about a month ago.”

In another jailhouse call, Malagerio indicated that he knew he was in the United States illegally: “So I’m guilty of it, but can we plead where I can go and pack my stuff, my animals… and leave with my tail between my legs?” he asked.

Ah, sorry Mr. Malagerio, that's not really how it works. Again though, are the results of his actions really such a surprise here? It looks like James is the only one still winning.

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