New tattoo alert! Carlos Pena of boy band Big Time Rush has gotten a pretty sweet new tattoo.

He tweeted a photo of his spiffy new ink, which was etched onto his ribs, known for being an incredibly sensitive (read: painful) spot on the bod when it comes to getting tatts.

The piece is incredibly intricate and artistic, not to mention in an interesting spot on his body. We’re sure Rushers are beyond stoked about the location, since it means that Pena will have to take off his shirt in order for fans to see it and thus gawk at it.

Check out those washboard abs! That boy is in ripped shape. No wonder he got tattooed on his ribs. It gives him a reason to show off his ink and his tight, taut abdomen. We’re covering our ears from the squeals that the Rushers are emitting over this cool tattoo.

Pena captioned the photo as such: “Love, Family, Determination, Persistence, Earth Wind & Fire, Good fortune, Good health, Peace….”

Clearly his new ink has lots of meaning for him!

What do you guys think of Carlos Pena’s new tatt, PopCrushers?

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