carlos santana

Santana has recorded some great music and worked with a ton of talented people throughout his career and from time to time they join him on stage while on tour.  What's about to happen this summer on Santana's tour is a bit out of the ordinary, but a great pairing in my opinion.

George Lopez will be joining Santana on select dates during his North American tour this fall and is hoping to put some additional smiles on peoples' faces!

When George comes in in the middle of set and he does his thing, it's like the Niagara Falls man. My stomach hurts, I put my guitar down and I know that I'm going to have a quality time," (Associated Press)

The tour is called "Divine Rascals" and happens to be in the middle of Santana's "Sound of Collective Consciousness Tour" (which unfortunately does not have a stop in Dallas or Shreveport).  There are stops in Austin, San Antonio and Houston though!

This is the first time the 2 have appeared on stage together.

Would you like to see this show?  Do you think the concept of the 2 on stage together is a great idea?  What artist and comedian would you pay to see play together?

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