SHREVEPORT, LA - Texas drivers found quite a mess on the roadway in Marshall this week. There was no wreck, but things were disgusting and smelly at a very busy intersection of Highway 59 and Highway 80.

Marshall PD
Marshall PD

What Happened in Marshall, Texas?

The Marshall Police Department posted a message on social media:

Looks like we’ve got an unusual situation on our hands this morning. A chicken gut truck has left a less-than-appetizing trail of blood and gore south from the intersection of 59 and 80. We’re not clucking around when we say it’s a bit of a mess!

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There Was More Than a Mess on the Road

Motorists could easily see the trail of blood and guts. But probably the worst part of this mess has been the smell.

You can click on this link to get a bird's eye view of this stinky mess.

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Marshall PD has this advice:

For your own wheel’s sake (and your nose), please steer clear of the affected lane. A hazmat cleanup crew is headed to the scene as quickly as possible.
Drive safe, watch out for feathers, and maybe… keep your windows rolled up for this stretch. Thanks for your coop-eration!

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Cleanup crews have taken care of the mess, but you still might smell it until we get a good downpour.

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