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Your Christmas tree stood proudly in your Tyler, Texas living room. The seasonal tree gave you many days and nights of wonderful memories. It was adorned with ornaments, shiny tinsel, and bright twinkling lights and was the centerpiece of Christmas. Now that Christmas has come and gone you've got to take down the tree and all of its decorations and if you had a real or live tree, what do you do with it now?


The City of Tyler Solid Waste Department and Keep Tyler Beautiful have a couple of Christmas tree recycling areas set up so that you can recycle that once beautifully decorated tree. You can drop off your undecorated, non-flocked tree today through Sunday, January 14th at one of the designated areas set up inside Golden Road Park and Fun Forest Park in Tyler.

Tyler Christmas Tree Recycling Locations

  • Golden Road Park - the intersection of McDonald Road and Golden Road
  • Fun Forest Park - 900 block of N Glenwood Blvd.

Please make sure the tree is free from all decorations, garland, and lights. Your Christmas tree may be dropped off near the signs that say 'Christmas Tree Drop Off'.

The trees will be available at the parks for fishermen to come by and claim and sink in lakes and ponds to create natural fish habitats. By doing this, fishermen create places for fish to hide and better fishing for them too because fish love to congregate around them!

So when your tree lives out its usefulness in your home, recycle it!

Christmas Light Recycling Available

This year Keep Tyler Beautiful will also be accepting used, malfunctioning, outdated and broken stings of Christmas lights. These lights will be recycled and will benefit Caldwell Zoo's 'Lights For Lions' fundraiser campaign. All string lights donated will be recycled, with the proceeds going to African Lion conservation efforts. You can also drop off broken string lights at Caldwell Zoo.

Simply drop off your lights in the same area as the Christmas tree recycling at Golden Road Park or Fun Forest Park in Tyler.

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