Now is a great time to be looking for a job.  CHRISTUS Health is looking for workers, and if you already have a job in healthcare, you can get free shoes!  Here's how.  

Crocs is giving away 50,000 pairs of shoes to healthcare workers this week, and if you hop to it you can request a pair.

Every day this week (through Friday), the website will open for requests at 10 a.m. MT and it will stay open until that day's allotment has been claimed.  They're giving away 10,000 pairs of Crocs at Work shoes every day, so if it doesn't work out today, try tomorrow!

Last year, healthcare workers were on their feet A LOT, and Crocs said it donated 860,000 pairs of shoes to say thanks.  2021 is calming down and COVID isn't the emergency that it was in 2020, but doctors and nurses still have plenty to do and that's why the Crocs company is passing out more free shoes.  I hope Boise gets a bunch.

We've got dedicated healthcare workers all over East Texas, and several hospitals are looking for workers. CHRISTUS Health has dozens of openings posted HERE, and it's updated weekly, if not daily.

Some of the open positions include:

Canton - Emergency room Registered Nurse, Licensed Vocational Nurse, Clinical Director, and ECC Tech SR

Mineola - Licensed Vocational Nurse

Sulphur Springs - Licensed Vocational Nurse, Registered Nurse, Emergency Nurse, Surgery Nurse, Labor and Delivery Nurse, Nurse Assistant

Nurses typically walk five miles during a 12-hour shift, so their shoes have got to wear out fast.  Don't miss your shot at a free backup pair of Crocs this week!

Nurse's Appreciation Week runs May 6th through 12th, and the shot at free Crocs ends Friday.

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