The City of Tyler is offering its residents a free service today and next Monday.  You will be able to leave those big bulky items you've been wanting to get rid of by the curb and Tyler Solid Waste will come pick them up for free!  Find out exactly what you can leave curbside and when after the jump!

It happens to us all, whether it's stored in the garage, storage building in the back yard or on the back porch, Tyler Solid Waste and Keep Tyler Beautiful will come by your house and pick up furniture, appliances, carpet, fence material, old toys, up to 4 non-commercial tires and other large items which would normally require you to pay a fee for free.  However, the city will not pick up liquid waste, brush or limbs and all paint must be dried out with kitty litter or oil dry.

Now the dates of the bulky item days vary, if your trash is picked up on Monday and Thursday - your bulky item pick up is today (September 19th).  If your trash is picked up Tuesday and Friday - your bulky item pick up day is next Monday (September 26th).  All you have to do is place your bulky items on the curb and they'll get picked up!  These items will get picked up on a different day than your normal trash day so there's no need to call Tyler Solid Waste.

If you've got some items that are still in good condition or electronics that work, think about recycling them.  You can call Habitat For Humanity of Smith County or Goodwill about recycling those items so that others may use them.

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