Flooding concerns are on the top of just about everyone's mind in East Texas the past couple of days. The threat of flash flooding still exists through at least Friday evening. With all the rain we've received the past few days, several cities have had to issue some sort of evacuation orders or disaster declarations and such. The City Of Tyler is the last city to issue such notice.

FROM THE CITY OF TYLER:  The City of Tyler has issued a disaster declaration as a result of heavy rains experienced this week. More than five inches of rain fell, causing trees to lose ground and creeks to overflow. Those creeks and channels have also suffered from erosion as the swift waters flowed. Assessment of affected storm water systems will be evaluated when the water level subsides.

“Total damages have yet to be assessed as the flood waters have not receded in certain parts of the City,” said Fire Chief Tim Johnson. “All departments are working tirelessly to make sure roads and services remain operational.”

Heavily traveled roads were cleared of debris by the end of the business day. However, damage to City parks, roadworks and wastewater treatment facilities that were flooded during the rains have not yet been determined as waters have not yet receded in some areas.

“Once Oncor clears the fallen live electrical wires, the Street Department should have the Tanglewood / Rosewood area cleared sometime today,” said Robin Smart, Street operations manager. “Bonner at Locust will remain closed throughout the rain event.”

Citizens are urged to follow some safety tips during this time:
• If you don’t need to be on the roads, please stay indoors.
• Avoid streets that have standing or flowing water. Turn around, don’t drown.
• Monitor your local weather station to keep abreast of current conditions.

“As rain continues to fall, the impact to public infrastructure will grow,” added Chief Johnson. “Staff continues to respond to issues throughout the City and is calculating damages.”

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