Last year, during the height of the pandemic, residents all across East Texas and America were struggling with paying their rent or mortgage due to job losses or reduced hours. As the nation begins to climb out of that hole, the City of Tyler Housing Agency will be offering up assistance to those in need.

Through the usage of the Housing Choice Voucher program, which is the federal government's primary program for low-income families to lease safe, decent and affordable privately owned rental housing, The City of Tyler Housing Agency, Neighborhood Services, will open an online portal for residents to apply for housing assistance through that program beginning May 26th at 9:00 AM. and it will remain open through 6 p.m. Friday, May 28.

Applications will be selected and ordered using a computer-generated random system for 2,000 available slots. The random, computer-generated selection of applicants will be performed on June 2 after the online application process closes on May 28. The time and date of receipt of the online application does not determine whether an application will be selected for the waiting list.

Applying for the program does not automatically guarantee a place on the waiting list and securing a place on the waiting list does not guarantee an applicant will receive a voucher. Recipients of the Housing Choice Voucher Program pay 30 percent of their adjusted gross income toward their rent and the Housing Choice Voucher Program covers the remaining rental portion.

Preference will be given to applicants who live or work in Smith County, elderly and or disabled head of household, spouse and/or co-head, individuals over the age of 62 and veterans honorably discharged from military service with the proper documentation to validate their veteran status.

Applications must be submitted online ONLY during the three-day period at All applicants must have or create an email address prior to applying. No applications will be provided at the Neighborhood Services Office and applicants must apply during the open intake period.

Those selected for the program must attend a virtual Housing Choice Voucher Program orientation/ briefing before the issuance of vouchers when eligibility is confirmed. Again, applications will ONLY be accepted online. No applications will be provided or accepted in person or by mail at Neighborhood Services or any other City of Tyler office.

Applicants who have questions or need assistance completing the application due to a disability can make a reasonable accommodation request to the City of Tyler Housing Agency by calling (903) 531-1303.

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