You've seen the commercial of the guy in his truck stopped at a stop sign and he coincidentally gets surrounded by police cars, sheriff's cars and state troopers and he soon realizes that he's not wearing his seat belt and tries to slip it on without them noticing it and then all of a sudden all of their lights and sirens go off and the guy gets a ticket for not wearing his seat belt.  Don't let that happen to you next week in Tyler.

Tyler Police are out enforcing the Click It or Ticket campaign and enforcing Texas' seat belt laws.  The stepped up enforcement will begin Monday, May 21 and continue through Sunday, June 3.

According to Texas law, anyone sitting in the front or rear seat of a vehicle are required to wear a seat belt.  This situation is also depicted in a TV commercial too!  When it comes to children:

A child less than eight years old and less than four feet, nine inches tall must be secured in a child safety seat." (Tyler PD press release)

Any driver can be stopped and given a ticket for a seat belt violation, or if they have a passenger that isn't properly restrained that is under the age of 15.

So don't risk getting a ticket, wear your seat belt.  If you get a ticket for a seat belt violation your ticket could cost you anywhere from $25 to $200 in addition to court costs.

Don't test your luck - just buckle up.

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