Is it just us, or is Texas getting more full by the day?

There's many reasons for the feeling of course. Roads seems way more busier than expected most of time, food places have more patrons in them...simply put, the Lone Star State is crowded. This in turn, makes many think about how the state could handle the growth.

Transportation has been a main point of many, for example, the previously mentioned cars all over the roadway make it hard to get from point a to point b easily. So alternative means on transportation have been discussed. One of those methods in none other than a train.

Some have suggested bullet trains finally make their entrance in Texas. But could that dream soon become a reality?

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A Bullet Train Coming To The Lone Star State?

As reported by Newsweek, plans may already be in motion for bullet train. They state, as per Reuters information, that President Joe Biden is talking to Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida about the train, which would connect Dallas to Houston. If both were to support the idea, according to Newsweek, it could result in more funding for the initiative.


Newsweek revealed that if the train were to be built, the time difference of travel between Dallas and Houston would be significantly shortly. Per Newsweek, taking a car between the two cities times out to 3 hours and 30 minutes. The train would shorten that 90 minutes, as the bullet train's speed would 200 mph.

Would you be for or against the idea? Let us know by sending us a message on our free station app!

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