A recent list of the most beautiful states ranked Arizona and New Mexico higher than Texas. They actually put Texas in 22nd place, WTH!?!?

Granted, I'm a little prejudiced when it comes to my home state ... most Texans are ... but, hey, how could we/I not be? We're the 2nd biggest state in the union and we have ALL the cool stuff.

Props to New Mexico, (#14) and Arizona, (#9) for coming in ahead of us ...honestly, they should have scored a little higher too ... but, we're still better.

I have a list a mile long of things that make Texas the best state to visit. Big Bend National Park, the beautiful deserts of west Texas, the forest areas of the Piney Woods, the beaches along the Gulf Coast.

Want history? Check out the Alamo or the battlefield at San Jacinto where one of the biggest battles Texas fought for independence from Mexico took place. Walk in the footsteps of some of the old west's greatest heroes and outlaws in El Paso.

Wanna buy Pancho Villa's trigger finger? Only Texas can make that happen for you. We have every climate, every setting, lots of space, a space center, the biggest military training ground and more industries than you can shake an armadillo at.

We're 1 stop shopping bruh! We rock and should have been number 1, I'm just sayin'.

Which State Was Ranked Most Beautiful?

So, who was #1? According to the "experts" at thrillist.com, the best state to visit is California. Really? When's the best time to go? Fire season, mud season or earthquake season?

The only thing they've got on Texas is Disneyland and legal pot. Pot I can get in Cruces and the waters warmer in Florida so Disney WORLD it is. Sorry Cali ... you don't get #1 with me.

Cool, Historic And Weird Things Along Route 66 In Texas

Some of the odd stuff you'll find along Route 66 where it goes through Texas.

Gallery Credit: Dubba G

Amarillo's Cursed Buildings – Historic Route 66, 2813 SW 6th

There are some places around town that just can't seem to stay in business for very long. This is one of them.

The address of the cursed building is 2813 SW 6th Street. This building was originally built in 1930. This place was originally a service station. I'm sure in the heydays of Rt. 66, this place was the place to stop to get your car serviced. However, in the last 15 years, this building has seen many different faces.

Gallery Credit: Lori Crofford

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