Traditionally brides cakes are the focal point of the wedding reception, while the groom's cake is nothing more than a small chocolate cake, usually, but not in this case!

Besides just being chocolate, in many cases, the groom's cake is themed around a particular sport, his favorite beer, animal he likes to hunt or possibly a video game. The tides have been turning recently though and the guy's cake is often times getting more attention than the bride's cake!

Cade's Cake shop out of Dallas recently knocked it out of the park when they made a one-of-a-kind groom's cake for the Nolans' wedding reception out of one of my favorite Whataburger menu items, the Whataburger honey barbecue chicken sandwich!

This cake is a work of art! If I had something like this in front of me and it was mine, I'd feel guilty for cutting into it because it looks too darn good to eat!  This baker is clearly talented!  Check out all their other amazing designs on their Facebook page.

We'd be happy to give the cake a taste, I mean we've done Bride's and Groom's cake taste tests with Blue Bell Ice Cream. Doesn't that make us pros, sort of?

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