After a stellar Hall Of Fame career as quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys and a current career as broadcaster, Troy Aikman is still a household name to many and now he's announced that he's getting into another super competitive field: Beer.

Aikman began teasing his latest endeavor on Instagram a few months ago.

According to The Dallas Morning News, Aikman began giving hints that he was up to something back in September 2021 when he began posting about his "workout" regimen while posting a "beer" emoji at the end of his caption.

He continued the teasing on Instagram celebrating "National Beer Day".

But if you pay closer to attention to Troy's social media, especially his IG page, he's been posting about beer A LOT including photos of himself in wheat fields and meeting with farmers.

On Tuesday, Jan. 4th he finally broke the news.

After months of speculation and "previews", Aikman announced that he has co-founded an Austin-based company that will release Eight, a 90-calorie light beer, in Texas in early 2022. "Eight" is inspired by Aikman's jersey number in college and in the pros. He released a commercial about the beer, you guessed it, on his Instagram page.

Eight claims to be made with organic grains and is an all-malt beer, meaning it contains no corn or rice. Its expected to go on sale in Texas bars and restaurants in February 2022 with plans to be sold by the six-pack, 12-pack and 19.2-ounce single-serve cans in retail establishments in Texas starting in March 2022. Will you be taking a sip of "Eight" when it comes to stores?


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