When Foo Fighters were forced to cancel their headlining gig at this year's Glastonbury Festival, people with bad taste flooded Twitter, expressing their dissatisfaction with the band's replacement, the incomparable Florence and the Machine. But those naysayers should probably know that Dave Grohl secretly hoped Florence would be the band to take their spot.

In an interview with Q Magazine, Dave explained, "When we cancelled and they were searching for a replacement I prayed they’d just move them to the top of the bill because they f---king deserve to be there. I was so excited when they announced they would, I emailed Florence to congratulate her.”

Dave struck up a friendship with Florence when they first met, as he does with everyone except Courtney Love because he is so charismatic, so revered, so wonderful. When he first found out they'd be playing Glastonbury together, he was excited. He said, "Oh man, we met ages ago and immediately hit it off. So I was totally looking forward to playing with them at Glastonbury."

But then Dave got a little overzealous onstage in Sweden, suffered a serious fall and broke his leg. Foo Fighters had to cancel the European leg of the tour, including Glastonbury. And while Dave didn't get to experience the festival for himself, since he had to get surgery, he did get a chance to see part of Florence's set after someone sent him a video of the band covering one of the Foo Fighters' most recognizable songs.

He said, "[Florence] gave me great advice for healing broken bones and said they were going to cover "Times Like These." The day after the gig, someone sent me a link to the performance and I cried like a f---king baby. It melted my f---king heart. I am forever indebted to them. It meant so much, you have no idea.”

It should be noted that this is the same reaction we have whenever we watch a video of Dave Grohl doing anything, including things like breathing and sleeping.

You can check out Florence's excellent cover of "Times Like These" below. No wonder Dave cried.

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