Demi Lovato kicked off the 2014 Teen Choice Awards in the best way possible: in some killer black leather and with a rockin' performance of 'Really Don't Care.'

Demi (who, may we add, looked amazing with her newly shorn hair) absolutely nailed the opening number, infusing it with an unparalleled energy that got the entire crowd insanely pumped for the show (as if they weren't already)! As Demi nailed every note in 'Really Don't Care,' she flaunted that badass attitude to the max, especially in that midnight black Moschino leather -- and tie. And because no performance of 'Really Don't Care' would be complete without Cher Lloyd's hook, the British singer came out and, of course, nailed it as well.

Way to kick off the show, ladies!

Bare-Faced + Beautiful! See Demi + More Pop Stars Without Makeup

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