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2020 has robbed us of so many sports, it’s OK to get excited about anything at this point. I am in no way embarrassed about how hyped up I am over Side Dish Madness!

Last week we launched a tournament featuring some of the most treasured Thanksgiving side dishes in head to head competition. You decided the winner of each and every contest, and you threw us a couple of curveballs!  Who would’ve thought that we would be here on the day before Thanksgiving talking about the Cinderella story that is deviled eggs?

After three rounds of voting, and defeating such perennial favorites as sweet potato casserole and dinner rolls, deviled eggs found itself in the final round facing off against the juggernaut that is stuffing/dressing. I’m gonna be honest with you, I totally thought that despite deviled egg's strong showing throughout the entire tournament, it would totally fall to the cornbread concoction we all know and love.

But the votes don’t lie, and after an overwhelming victory I am happy (and a little shocked) To announce that deviled eggs has in fact taken the championship.

TSM-Brandon Michael

However you decide to get your side dish on, I hope you and yours have a very happy Thanksgiving.

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