Austin, Texas is known for many things, the University of Texas, the Capitol of Texas, the place Californians and Hollywood are flocking to, and it's home to one of Earth's creations that could bring death one day.

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A Volcano-Yes, Austin is home to a Volcano


The volcano's name is Pilot Knob and it is located near McKinney Falls State Park.  For the most part, the people of Austin, don't have to worry about the volcano because it is inactive.  However, the Earth could revolt one day and fire up the volcano, but that only happens in movies and shows like 9-1-1 Lonestar.

The volcano emerged from the Earth, millions of years ago, some sources say it was 120 million years ago but the historic marker says 80 million years ago. It is the only exposed submarine volcano in Texas.  This area was covered in water, 80 million years ago.   Like the Capulin volcano in New Mexico, this dormant volcano looks like a hill.

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As mentioned earlier, the volcano is long gone, but you never know, one day Mother Earth may get really angry and decide to sneeze and boom, the inactive volcanos explode.

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