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Just like the world, things in Tyler, Texas are constantly changing, especially when it comes to retail and restaurant locations.

Believe it or not, it had probably been a week, maybe even longer, since I had been near the intersection of the Loop and Broadway in Tyler, but when I went through that intersection Friday evening on my way down South Broadway, I noticed heavy machinery and that the Ken's Pizza building was no longer standing.

It appears as if the demolition of the building, that once housed Ken's Pizza, Five Guys, a nitrogen frozen ice cream place, and before that Dairy Queen, started late last week because only half of the building has been demolished. Eventually, the other half will be coming down too, but right now the old Five Guys portion remains standing.

So Why Did It Get Torn Down?

We reported on this back in January, Michael Gibson confirmed the reports that a popular Texas Roadhouse offshoot restaurant would be taking over this spot in Tyler's French Quarter on the corner of Loop 323 and S. Broadway. The restaurant will be called Bubba's 33. There is currently a Bubba's 33 in Longview that has done pretty well so far. This will be a sports bar-themed establishment.

Where Is Ken's Pizza Now?

Ken's Pizza is still around serving up their buffet-style pizza just a few yards away in The French Quarter. They moved into the restaurant space that was once occupied by Mr. Gatti's Pizza.

More Retail and Restaurant Construction In Tyler.

While driving down S. Broadway this isn't the only retail-restaurant construction you'll notice. Demolition of an old Southside Bank building at Old Grande and S. Broadway has been completed and construction has started on a reported a second Chili's location.

Also, driving a little further south on Broadway, construction has started on a new retail-restaurant pad right off of South Broadway and Centennial Parkway at The Village At Cumberland Park. At one point, years ago, there were rumors that an In N Out Burger joint was going to go into that shopping center, but it hasn't ever materialized. Could this be it? I HAVE NO IDEA, just speculating on old rumors! Honestly, so you can't use me as a quote on this one until I do more research on what this tract of land is being developed for and then I'll get back to you!

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