What did your high school look like?

Our high school looked like a retail center with a low and 1970’s era functional design. Not Tyler Legacy, it looks like a university from the South in a Greek revival style with grand columns, and just wait until you go inside.

Was yours more like mine? When you were inside you were surrounded by white tile walls and long halls. Classrooms in a modular grid style, with everything very utilitarian. My high school was built in the 1970’s and in pretty good shape for the years of use it had seen.

Today’s newly built high schools look a bit different. Thanks to TikTok creator, hollyclarkedu we can take a tour inside Tyler’s Legacy High School.

Walking through the front doors is a nod to the Old South. If the staircases curved, rather than went straight up, I’d expect to see Scarlett O’Hara half way up watching for Ashley to make an entrance.

The Library is Texas sized. Lots of space, tables to spread out and study and stacks upon stacks of books. Our library was dark and cramped with just a few tables.

Did you have a collaboration area? Tyler Legacy has them, and they look like a university lounge. Not only do they have them in public spaces, but they also have collaboration areas in classrooms, too.

Our classrooms were simple rows of single desks in a grid-like fashion, and if we were going to collaborate, we had to scoot those things all over the room making loads of noise.

No need for the scooting at Tyler Legacy, they also have movable furniture. Their tables and chairs have wheels.

All of this beautiful modern design inside and just steps away outdoors, they have a beautiful practice field.

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