DC fans who are hungry for the Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad are going to have to wait a long time. Amongst rumors that his cut of the 2016 film would be arriving at HBO Max in the near future, David Ayer took to Twitter to set the record straight. As Zack Snyder’s Justice League gears up for its HBO Max release, many fans speculated that Ayer’s version of Suicide Squad would be in the cards. But Ayer has let the world know that it isn't happening... yet.

Ayer responded to a fan's query surrounding the rumor with two words: “Not true.” Check out the exchange below:

That seems like a pretty definitive answer. However, just because the Ayer Cut isn’t in the works right now doesn't mean it won't ever happen. Back in July, Ayer encouraged fans to campaign for his cut of the movie, which he said was originally a “soulful drama” before it got the “Edward Scissorhands treatment.” Ayer also shared that his version of Suicide Squad would be “easy to complete” and “incredibly cathartic” for him.

The Snyder Cut of Justice League finally got wings, so we know that the Ayer Cut is at least a possibility. If Zack Snyder's Justice League is a hit with viewers, it just might be the sign HBO Max needs to move forward with the Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad.

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