After the long July 4th weekend, many East Texans decided to spend some time out at Lake Tyler--south of Tyler, TX. However, some of them left quite a mess for someone ELSE to clean up.

I fail to understand how anyone can justify just leaving their trash for someone else to try and pick up. (And frankly, I dislike when people say "your mama don't work here," because your mama shouldn't be expected to pick up your trash either.) 

We live in a state that prides itself on initiative, hard work, and taking responsibility for your own actions. However, some of the very people that would say these things are true for them seem to have zero problem with dumping their mess outside.

Case in point:

Over the July 4th weekend, many people went out to enjoy Lake Tyler. While I'm sure many responsibly handled the trash leftover from their celebrations, more than a few definitely did NOT.

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KETK reports that the fallout from many a barbecue and firework-popping adventures were simply left on the ground for someone else to pick up--despite the fact that a posted sign clearly indicated fireworks weren't allowed in certain areas. One Lake Tyler visitor told KETK she was warned not to even come out last weekend, as those who live in the area knew it would be a mess.

"Those walking around after the Independence Day celebrations were having to dodge glass, food and ants. Sparks said it’s unsafe for animals and humans alike." ~KETK reports

Because of the mess, City of Tyler workers were forced to clean up more than they should've had to because of mindless selfishness.

If you'd like to see the quick news report from KETK, you can see it here.

Come on, we know better. How difficult is it to pick up the mess you made and put into one of the various trash receptacles provided?

Don't. Mess. With. East. Texas.

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