Halloween is such a fun time of the year and every kid should be able to experience it without restrictions or limitations.

Part of the joy as a child growing up is getting dressed up in a costume on Halloween night and going door to door ringing the doorbells and shouting 'Trick Or Treat' from behind that mask or painted face and collecting as much candy as you can.

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Not all kids are able to find that perfect costume though because of certain limitations that are beyond their control, but they too should be able to dress up and participate. I happened to run across some really cool and interesting all inclusive costumes from Disney for children of special needs. These specially designed costumes can accommodate the needs of the special needs child while letting them participate in trick or treating in a specially designed costume.

ShopDisney will allow special needs children to dress up as Cinderella, Incredibles 2 or Buzz Lightyear. These costumes are created with special adaptations for feeding tubes and are roomier all around. And for those children that are wheelchair bound, their wheelchair may be turned into a princess carriage or an Incredimobile. Check out the incredible inclusive costumes in the gallery below.

Now, Halloween this year is going to be much different than years' past thanks to the coronavirus. The CDC recommends that parents and kids skip the traditional trick or treating event and instead do something as a family or find a one way trick or treating event where individually wrapped goodie bags are placed outdoors for families to grab and go while social distancing.

No matter how you celebrate Halloween this year, please do it safely. Remember to wear light colored clothing, carry a flashlight of some kind if you're trick or treating and this year maintain social distance and wear a mask.

Disney Inclusive Halloween Costumes

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