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DJ Tiesto joined the cast of the show to talk about some of his big plans for 2021.

J-Si, along with Ana and Part Time Justin had the opportunity recently to sit down and chat with DJ Tiesto via an online meeting. It got underway talking about the birth of his daughter last year and what fatherhood has been like since her birth, especially the inspiration he gets from watching her.

Apparently he really wants to collaborate with Miley Cyrus, or so we've heard, so Ana asks Tiesto if he had the chance, would he like to work with her on a new project or work on remixes of her current or older material. Find out what challenge is issued to KiddNation during the interview by watching the video clip below.

The trio also talk to him about his Tik Tok success, plans for his Las Vegas residency this summer and much more in the following audio clip. Plus, don't miss out on catching his latest single 'The Business'. The video is below too.

Listen to "Tiesto Talks Tik Tok Success And More!" on Spreaker.

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