When DNCE first teased the music video for their current single "Toothbrush," the Internet was set ablaze with anticipation. The photo, posted to Instagram, showed frontman and former JoBro Joe Jonas getting cozy with model Ashley Graham. And for fans hoping the music video would be a further extension of all that physical affection, they weren't disappointed.

Moments of intimacy (including but not limited to: engaging in a pillow fight, wearing matching white t-shirts, making out in a dimly-lit stairwell, sharing a cab) are interspersed with footage of DNCE performing the track on a rooftop. The visuals echo the whole beginning stage of a not-quite-officially-established relationship theme displayed in the lyrics. It's like wearing rose-colored glasses before they start to fade and eventually crack -- the fun before the fallout!

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Graham -- who made headlines earlier this year as the first ever size 16 model to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated -- admitted that agreeing to star opposite Jonas in the video wasn't a difficult decision to make.

"This is my first music video and I've been a fan since 'Cake By the Ocean,' which I can't get out of my mind. They called me and asked me and it was a, 'Yes I would love to be on it,'" she said. "[Toothbrush is] such a great song and they're such amazing, interesting people individually, and I'm just happy to be here."

Check out the music video for DNCE's "Toothbrush" above.

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